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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  October 7, 2014 1:07am-1:43am PDT

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i love my sister... 40 flavors. 100 calories or less. some people think vegetables are boring. but with green giant's delicious seasonings and blends, we just may change their minds. ho ho ho green giant! . >> head master of a prestigious
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bay area school better busted after caught in motel room with drugs and unconscious woman. scandal shock ago small north bay community tonight. good evening everyone. i'm larry. dan and amma have the night of off. >> 54-year-old thomas wood price of the branson school in marin county submitted resignation after arrest of felony drug charges. lillian live in ross now where the school community and really the rest of marin is in shock tonight. lillian? >>reporter: larry this isn't just any school. this is the branson. small inclusive school and losing the head master. deputy found thomas wood price in sacramento county motel room friday with large amounts of drugs including heroin, meth and cocaine. deputy say they also found a woman passed out. 21-year-old brit if i hall of elk grove. it was her boyfriend who tipped authority at hall price together doing drugs. >> sad it happened devastating
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because we are a tight community and he was a great leader. >>reporter: matt a junior at the school where price became head master 7 years ago. bra than son a small school with only 320 students. tuition almost 40,000 dollars. letter that share the branson beard of trustee notify family price since resigned and went on to say we are deeply troubled bt the development. want you to be sure our leadership team and board of trustee fully committed to health well-being of you've children. >> sad day because p.m. the teachers work so hard. they do such a fantastic job. >>reporter: price and hall have been arrested on 3 if any drug counts including possession for sale because of large quantity of the drug. hall still in jail but price is now out on bail. >> everyone likes the guy. >>reporter: john graduated 3 years ago from branson and the price arrest is the talk among lump 98 as well. >> people very concerned about this because you know has such a prison teen us reputation and
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he's had he's had a good name for himself and i just really hope that it doesn't it doesn't it doesn't it gets handled in a smooth manner. >>reporter: price scheduled to appear in court november 24th. in ross, abc 7 news. >> berkeley police release surveillance video today showing elderly woman being violently attacked. happened september 23rd on schaad avenue near alston way without being proceed vehicle the attacker turns answer and pushing 85-year-old woman to the groun ground. she was rushed to the whose serious injury. suspect is an african american woman in her 50's about 5 foot 6 with medium build. tonight the which have of man suspected of attacking another niner fan at levi stadium talking about the incident. 2 men from fl have been arrested on suspicion of felony assault. abc 7 news reporter witong with new
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details. >> map knocked to the floor by a punch inside a levi stadium bathroom is in serious condition tonight. happened during yesterday niner game against the chiefs. the man who posted this video on you tube said it started when the victim brushed pingt another man to use a stall. ataeshing and relative with him started throwing punches. 2 people were injured. police quickly arrested the suspect darrio and am door. one suspect wife talked to us about the arrest. her voice altered to protect her identity. >> i was tell in the women restroom when i if i'm pretty sure a lot of people know what happened or what provoked him or what the. they were not just swinging. >>reporter: fans told us despite the assault they feel safe at the stadium. >> i think there is app
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abundance of security every time you look around. >> shame it happened but you everything stop absolutely everything. >>reporter: the team issued this statement and says we would like to accepted our deepest concern and well wishes to the victim of yesterday incident. we were appalled to see the video of the attack >> man exposeed to himself to teenager girl if palo alto. happened this afternoon on bryant street just east of stanford campus. 14-year-old girl told police the man was following her for a few blocks. he suddenly pulled up next to her. she looked over and saw him touching himself. police are looking for a white man in large navyg a newvy blue pick up. >> new at 11:00. fairfield firefighters battling a blaze near sought land a county civic center inside abandoned pet store on broadway near jefferson street. squatters often occupy the building. at the stayed out of the burning
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structure because they feared it might collapse no. reports of any injuries. >> also new at 11:00 exploratorium fire chief speaking out about calls for her to resign coming from members of her own severaartment. several groups of fire department employee have told mayor ed lee they look confidence in the leadership of chief hays whitement many of the complaints center on delay ins city owned ambulances reaching people in life threatening far mayor lee has supported his fire chief. >> it made me even stronger more committed to the department. willing to meet with the work group regarding their concerns. working with the mayor very chosely. we see significant drop if the transport response time of our ambulance for mother of september alone. >>reporter: city stand arrested call for ambulances to ariff at life threatening emergencies within 10 minutes. rank file firefighters claim waiting times have far exceeded that. new report says nfl star post add wild sex party and paid for the motel
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room using charity fuchbilityd minneapolis star tribune reports in 2011 peterson was joined by 2 relatives including his under age brother and 4 women. one of the women caused peterson of rape but an investigation did not lead to any charges. report also found several other discrepancy with peterson charity. all day foundation. charity is supposed to help at risk children. peterson will be in court on wednesday to face child abuse charges after he was accused of beating his son. giants fans were hoping this would be a night of celebration but the washington nationals did not cooperate. beating the giants if game 3 of the national league division series the game scoreless through 6 innings before the nationals broke through. threaten in the 9th but travis grounded out and final out there final score 4-1 and cornell live now at at&t park. >>reporter: like the fans say don't stop believing. giants still have another chance
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tomorrow to take the division series after today's loss. the pressure is on. fans cheered as loud as they could. and spun the rag fast and furious. but it didn't help the giants win game 3. >> how are you feeling. >> really bad. but we have tomorrow. so we'll kick butt then. >>reporter: some fans blame the warm october weather. >> giants played bad because way too hot today. they will take the series in game 4. >> we got it don't stop pwlivshtion early in the game optimism but some fans clearly couldn't hide the anxiety. hopes were riding high on the pitcher. >> 100 percent behind madison. come become to win in the bottom of the nine. >>reporter: didn't happen. throwing error by mad i son l in the 7th inning allowed the national to score. the game slowly spun away. >> this is what we do this is giants torture how we make it doesn't make it easy. easy. goo happen though. l. >>reporter: expect to see fans wearing the giants rally cap in
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force for tuesday gym hoping the team will turn things around and win. >> till wore the rally cap heck yishtion it work. >> heck yes. >>reporter: go giants. at&t park, abc 7 news. >> so gym 4 is coming up tomorrow night 6:00 p.m. at&t park pitching match up brian against geo- and if there's game if i have it becomes necessary the series goes back to washington dc for whether would be a difficult size i have game on thursday starting time for the contest yet to be announced. giants fans still supporting their orange and black despite the loss. check out eugene in the little iei onesie. mail fan photo to the our web site or tweet them to us at this site. of course mike will have alhighlights the highlights come up a little bit late ferry sports. >> last ditch effort to do the right thing. next on 7 news.
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long lost wedding ring and woman who just wants to return it. why isn't anybody come forward? michael takes up the case. >> phone booth privacy breach. the creepy technology that was people without them knowing it. and by land, by air and by sea. dramatic arrival for this year fleet air and by sea. dramatic arrival for this year fleet week celebration >> if i'll have the fleet weak forecast plus look at the foggy morning drive i'll have details on the cool down for this week when 7
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sonoma county woman found a
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diamond ring in berkeley is making one ditch attempt to find its rightful owner. as michael reports this is not just any ring. this ring has some serious sentimental value for someone. >> you might recall the story of katie. she bought a secondhand purse that the buffalo exchange in berkeley last december. she lost her key. later found them inside a hole in the lining of her purs purse. along with the key she found a box top. movie stub. note on napkin and a diamond ring. >> it has been a really fun thing to have happen in my life. >> we first brought you her story back in june and asked to you call the berkeley police department if you thought the ring might be yours. police tell us they received well over a dozen calls. >> some people lost the ring as much as 30 years ago and they were hoping this is the one. >> unfortunately the ring didn't belong to any of on this day she turns the ring over to berkeley police. it has been appraised for 1,000
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dollars. katie would never think of keeping it for hersel herself. >> everybody could use 1,000 dollars but this is worth the wait a minute story is so fun. >> police will return the ring to katie at the rateful owner isn't found by february. she plans to donate the ring to saint dorothy camp. it's a camp she runs to give seriously ill children time away from their worries. >> it's one of those opportunity where i can, you know, use this treasure and give it to something good. >> katie admits she's turning over the ring with some sadness. the ring actually fits her perfectly. the lieutenant says an ad will be put in the paper. if the owner doesn't come forward bit end of january. anyone would claims the ring must first be able to describe it tease why i'm not showing it to you. katie plans to raffle or auction off the ring for the children camp if the owner can't be found. the police say that could happen around valentine's day. i'm
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michael finney 7 on your side. >> new to see all of michael reports good to 7 and click on the section tab then select 7 on your side. information on how to cop tact michael with consumer problems you might be having. >> company that says out door advertising in the bay area installed the device all over new york city that can track people and the public knew nothing about this. the company tighten help the city of new york turn outdated phone booths into communication hub with 43 which tie. web site buzz feed report many phone booth had beacon installed that use blue tooth technology to track smart phone users. tighten said the beacon don't collect user at that time a.they are for public safety an commercial uses. tonight tighten agreeed to remove the trackers. >> anchor away fleet week celebration begin if san francisco. or they have begun in the bay today. sky 7 caught up with the
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. navy blue angel as they practice some of the high flying aerobatic before landing at oakland international airport. and in view from this the navy newest warship unn circumstance emerge for the fall. you can get details on what is happening during fleet week at abc 7 new we post add fleet week schedule there along with more video of the arrival drummond ss america as well as the blue angels. >> early risers on wednesday can expect to see a rare sight a total lunar eclipse. that is if the fog cooperates. it should start to become visible around 3:25 am on wednesday morning. the moon will turn a dim red because of sunlight scattered through the earth atmosphere. sandhya here now. i guess it's foggy this coming tuesday morning and wednesday morning yes. >>reporter: yes indeed larry. we have fog around near the coast and bay so you have to
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pick your place wisely. head away from the fog to see that total lunar eclipse. should be quite a sight t.watching the fog along over the over the bay and high cloud overhead as wechlt temperatures this afternoon came down cooling trend going to actually work its way to the inland valley next few day from the exploring camera you can see the fog. pretty shallow in the financial district. temperatures right now upper 50's san francisco oakland 64 in san jose. currently 70 degree ins morgan hill so still hanging on to the warmth. emeryville camera showing the fog layer as wechlt morning commute expect it around the coast and bay. mid 50's santa rosa, napa cool morning petaluma already 54 degrees we look at 64 in concord right now. 73 in livermore. and this is a shot you can never get tired of. downtown san francisco covered by pwlaevrngt of fog. fog high cloud overnight tonight. graduate cooling through thursday but warm back up for the upcoming weekend. here's a look at the pacific satellite picture. tropical storm simon
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now bringing in some written and thunderstorms across the baja peninsula. expecting this to fall apart and eventually dump some heavy rain across the desert south west. it will bring heavy written to baja as well. lookingotential potentiaf flooding mud slide. bay area big ridge in place why inland high still in the mid upper 90's today. that's all changing. we see the cold front approach noneing high pressure east this week and that means cooling felt in our inland valley slowly but surely the next few days. tomorrow fog around coast in over the bay could be on the thick side for the morning commute so plan accordingly and tomorrow morning do grab a jacket or sweater. temperatures on the cool side most areas in the 50's. 60 in antioch. for the afternoon temperatures come did you know a few more degrees. 90 morgan hill. 88 in los gatos and south bay 83 santa clara on the peninsula low 80's for redwood city. los altos pacifica foggy and 62 degrees. downtown san francisco 72.
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north bay you may need a jack threat at bodega bay. 62. 89 santa rosa. 87 nap a.east bay just right not too hot not too cold out of the 80's down to the upper 70's in oakland tomorrow. 78 san leandro. inland spots still going to be on the hot sigh. 91 concord 92 livermore and antioch. i want to tell you that the weather just looks terrific for tomorrow night game. giants national at&t park hopefully the giants pull off a victory this time around. mid 60's dropping off to the low 60's. a sweatshirt latter part of the game it's cool. fleet week festivities under way this thursday continuing through the weekend you can see temperatures will really be quite comfortable. low to mid 70's through friday. warming it up to the upper 70's for saturday. accu-weather 7 day forecast temperatures will continue to come down tuesday, wednesday, considerably cooler thursday when the sea breeze reaches inland. mid 60's coas
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coast. hold you close to that friday before we warm you back up and i mean larry l we are looking at 70's to is in over the weekend. lots of sivrnlt i fear we may miss the 3:25 am lunar eclipse. >> somebody will take pictures. >> unless we are still up after the giants about victory party. >> let's hope soil. that comes tomorrow night. >> giants hoping to clinch ag hosting the nationals but defensive error and bryce harper home run force the gym tomorrow
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>> the giants hoping to do a sweep. but mad had one bad play turn the game into a mad bumper. lights out in the wild card win against pittsburgh. 41,000 giants fans called in sick today. mad was nailed for 6 innings. gave us 6 hits. 6 strike outs. ramos swing to end the second. crowd pumped up. if flows state own just as good. 7 shut out innings gave up 4 hits struck out 3. sends buster packing in the wheel. wheels fell off in the seventh. men on first and second. the sack bunt. he thinks he can get the out at third throws it away. the score. next batter. cabrera single to the hole. kilometers around to score. 3 nothing washington giants in trouble. top 9 bryce harper seals the deal. the fast ball. l that make it 4 fog giants add a run. giants lead the series 2-1. mad took the chin
1:32 am
on the loss and ryan on the hill tomorrow. >> hard nose pitcher mentality. leader and he's pitched in a lot of big games and fun to play behind him. looking forward to playing out there with him tomorrow. >> game 3 of the other nlds. dodgers taking on cardinals at again did it again in gameg 3. solo shot in the third. up 1 nothing. top 7. santa louis tell all over this offering. into the cardinals bullpen. in a frepzy. they lead the sears 2-1. game 4 tomorrow. frainers got the run game with frank carlos. but this group of wide receivers the best in the league. sky than son starting to get at the time td catch but catch of the day coming. one of the best i have ever seen a
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now, americans everywhere are discovering that galbani ricottm inspires moments that are simply better.
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mmm, galbani (sfx: kiss). italy's favorite cheese brand. >> 49ers pick up wide receiver johnson and lloyd in the off season and they are paying dividends. johnson caught another td in yesterday win over the chiefs. but this catch by lloyd was just sick. he high jump seven feet in college and look at him hover on the catch down the side line. insane. never seen a guy float in the air that long. last day for nba gain this might be the best group of wide receiveers in team history. >> you really want everybody running everybody alert on every passing play. guy do great job of that. you don't see our receivers taking a play off. >> monday night football. washington hosting russell wilson second quarter. open
1:36 am
the play fake. it was a good one. 17 nothing hawk. washingtonians. kurt cousin step up in the pocket over the top. sheer machine a bad angle. washington on the board 17-7. fourth quarter another cal star. lynch. seattle wins 27-17 now tied with arizona in the nfc west at 3 and 1. i hate to argue that my group wasn't the best wide receiver about enthusiast a good group. wasn't the best wide receiver about enthusiast a good group. >> most fam♪ oh yeah old el paso's got a bold new stand n' stuff shell that's blasted for nacho cheesiness oh yeah! ahhh! what is it? there are no marshmallows in this box of lucky charms! huh weird seriously? what? they're magically delicious!
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>> these our report thanks for watching. abc 7 news continues on line on twitter face back all the mobile device with our 7 news app. next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30. right now on
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new study. >> the study from emory university found that men who spent a lot on rings for their
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fiancees were more likely to get divorced than those who bought more modest rings. they don't look very modest to me. i think that's a pretty big diamond. the researchers found those were true wedding expenses in general that cost more were less likely that they were 'til death do you part if you spend more an the wedding. if your girlfriend complains about the size of the diamond, you know what to tell her. "the mix" coming your way. a new problem with the iphone 6. the reality tv couple leaving their elaborate house for the jail house. the giudices from "real housewives of new jersey" are speaking out. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by vista print. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by vista print.
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